Alternative Television Meets Alternative Discussions: Fringe and AboveTopSecret
In 2008, the television show Fringe debuted on Fox Network and quickly found an audience. Some of Fringe's... more
Possible Events of 2012
The date of December 21, 2012 has engrained itself into the culture of today. There are many who believe an event or events will happen around or on this date. These beliefs vary from cataclysmic to biblical but... more

Why Don't People Know What's In It?
With all the attention on HR 3200 or “That healthcare reform bill,” it is important for all citizens of The United States to understand what really is in the bill. So why is it so hard... more
Why Do So Many Believe In 2012?
Throughout the ages there have been prophecies foretelling of the future. It is innate in every human to want to know what will happen in the future, to want the knowledge to stop a death or make... more

Untersberg - The Mystery Mountain
In August 1987 three people entered a Mountain in Southern Germany to explore several caves. They did not return and neither the police nor mountaineers found any trace of them – except for their car parked at a parking place nearby. 3 months... more
Tech Fears Arise Over Norton and Pifts.exe
"hey /g I was running my dad's computer tonight when a popup from norton asked me if I wanted to allow pifts.exe, I tried googling to see what it was and I am not getting any information. Anyone know what the hell this exe... more
Barksdale Missile Number Six: The Stolen Nuclear Weapon
Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon. Some History: Barksdale Missile Number Six deserves far more public attention... more
Barack Obama Is Qualified To Be President... Isn't He? (by Jim Marrs)
With a healthy 52.9 percent of the national votes, Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama II surely must be qualified to be the 44th President of the United States. Or is... more
What You Should Know About Lower Astrals
We are living in a time when great satisfaction is rising in a sadistic manner like never before in human history aided by the lower astrals. They have always been here in small numbers, but they are now slipping through in great... more
Korea Showdown - Latest News and Updates.
Personally I have hoped to find this kind of thread from ATS... Like we have had here in Gaza Op, Swineflu, and many others developing situations - UPDATES & LATEST - So its possible to make easy and fast overlook...
Working women almost certainly caused the credit crunch
Yeah, you read right. And while I laughed, and poured myself a whiskey at the thought of the onslaught for posting this Irish op/ed .. I have to admit. I agree. 100% actually,...
Time Travel 101: A How To Guide
Through out my life I have heard many people say, “If I knew then what I know now” or  “If I could do it all over again”. I suppose many people have pondered at one point or another, what it would be like to travel in...
Census idiot in my driveway threatening the police
Just had the census idiot at the gate to my yard. My husband told him to go away, he's tresspassing and he was demanding that we put our dogs away so he can get to our front door to tag it...
Fanatical Muslims vs. The Free World
With all the talk on Israel, Gaza, Jews and Muslims going on, I thought I'd offer some statistical maps instead of words. One Fact-Map is worth a thousand words. (Premise: The current small war is part of a bigger...
UN fabricates story of Israel shelling UNRWA school in Gaza (Confirmed)
Hold on to your socks because this is going to shock them right off of your feet. Israel did not shell the school in Gaza as we were led to believe....
I was called a terrorist, and threatened...
I was called a terrorist and threatened to have cops called on me for disturbing the peace. So here's the story, a few nights ago I was at a small local bar by myself just hanging out attempting to let...
Lets have a huge party because we are all going to die!
As I read through the news these days I have come to the conclusion that we are all going to die sometime in the next 50-100 years. SO LETS HAVE A PARTY! We are either going...
Exposing The Fraud of the "No Plane Theory" -- Conspiracy Fakery
I've often contended in and in that the "no plane" theory (or NPT) is a fraudulent contrivance from one minor "faction" of the so-called "truth movement." ...
Project Northwoods. America's plan to attack America.
In 1962 The Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up a plan to justify waging an all out war against Cuba. Among its recommendations were a terror campaign against Cubans living in Florida, The...
The Houston Tea Party. (Pictures, Podcast, and Information!) [Update: 9000+ Attended]
Hey there everyone! I just got back from the Houston Tea Party and I thought I would give you my view of the whole thing....
Crime - What Are The Netherlands Doing Right?
I would like to link a story here, the Netherlands seem to have a reducing crime rate, and i wonder why. Now of course the netherlands has been famed for having more liberal laws than other western...
The new flu, an analytical approach
In the midst of the threads of news and updates, and theories about the “Novel- flu” (swine-flu) i feel a little like drowning, and i am sure that i am not alone. Therefore i thought i should make an analytical...
The Top-Ten Conspiracy Theories
Over the past several years, the Internet has become fertile ground for the discussion, creation, and evolution of various "alternative points of view," more popularly known as "conspiracy theories." The combination of near-zero...